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Customer service, Service design
Entrepreneurship, Moderator, Sustainability, Sustainable energy, Sustainable food
Artificial intelligence and technologies, Blockchains, Disruption, Energy, Exponential growth, Fintech, Innovation, Leadership, Robotics, Space, Strategy
Attitude & Courage, Entrepreneurship, Motivation, Personal branding, Self management, Social media marketing, Start up and growth
Austrian economics, Bitcoin & blockchain technology, Bitcoin economics, Compliance & risk management, Crypto asset regulations, Cryptocurrencies, encryption & smart contracts: novel areas of law and enforcement of property rights, Money & human rights, Rational optimism - technology as a means of solving human problems and advancing human freedom
Attitude & Courage, Creativity and Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Get rid of fear, Internationalization, Motivation, Personal branding, Start up and growth
Communication training, Facilitator, Feedback skills at the work, Host, Media training, Presentations skills
On Stage Presence, Pitching, Presentations skills, Sales
Change Management, Future Leadership, Future of work, Holistic wellbeing (at work), Performance management, Smart self Leadership, Stress, time- and energy management, Work-life balance, Work, career and motherhood
Building Resilience, Building the Winning Emotional Climate, Developing a High Performing Team and Organizational Culture, Developing Your Emotional Intelligence, How to Master the Hybrid Work, Leading Change and Succesful Transformations, Leading Self and Others, The Core of Modern Leadership - Wellbeing and Profitability, The Future of Work
How online sales for Meetings & Events is changing the traditional RFP process?, How to sell meeting rooms online and what should you consider while choosing a technology provider?, How to yield your event space properly, Integrating Sales & Catering software to a meeting room booking engine?, What is the ROI when shifting meeting room sales online?
Christian Faith and its impact on Latin Communities in London, Cyber Risk Management, Audit and Enterprise Policy Management, Empowerment of Latin American Communities in Foreign Countries
Culture transformation towards a more inclusive organisation, DEI and data - How to set impactful goals and targets, DEI at the core of business, Inclusive recruitment, Leading diversity, Steps on organisation’s DEI journey
Balance of life, Future skills, Future work, Sustainable High Performance, Well-being, Well-being as a competitiveness, Well-being at work
Customer Experience, Emotions at work, Employee Exprerience, Host, Inspirational leadership, Moderator, Self management, Stand up, Well-being at work
Artificial intelligence and technologies, Creativity and Innovation, Customer Experience, Disruptive innovation, Exponential technologies, Future work
Business Mindset of the Future, Creativity and Innovation, Customer Experience, Global mindset
Artificial intelligence and technologies, Attitude & Courage, Customer Experience, Digitalization, Growth hacking, Host, Moderator, Self management, Start up and growth, Sustainable High Performance, Well-being, Well-being at work
A History of 20th Century Art, Cancel Culture, Free Speech and Media Bias, Hidden Disabilities in the Criminal Justice System, Stammering and Culture
Artificial intelligence and technologies, Future Leadership, Future of Healthcare, Future of Organizations & Value creation, Future of Well-being, Future work
Business Strategy, Equality & Diversity and Inclusion, Personal Development and Leadership, Risk and Compliance Management
Change management, how to succeed, Emotional intelligence in leading people, what, why and how, Emotionless TEAM/ZOOM – Leadersip lessons from cold, Goleman 6 leadership styles, SOS, salary or service, how to keep the best employees
Disruptive innovation, Innovations and Growth, Sales Excellence, Sales Leadership
AI & changing work, AI today, Artificial intelligence and technologies, How China is the Artificial Intelligence Superpower of 2020?
Argumentation, rhetoric and smart talk, Charisma and self-esteem, Critical thinking and creativity, Moderator, The dark side of the human mind
Burnout, stress and anxiety, No dream is too big, Overcome fear, Self belief and dealing with imposter syndrome, Transformation, resilience and growth mindset
Children's Books and Motherhood, Diversity and Inclusion, Mental health and wellness, Start Up culture and business development, The Fashion and Beauty industry, The Music Industry and the future of music, Women and abuse
Business Mindset of the Future, Employee Exprerience, Future work, Well-being at work
Communication training, Facilitator, Host, Media training, Moderator
Artificial intelligence and technologies, Creativity and Innovation, Digitalization, Disruptive innovation, Entrepreneurship, Exponential technologies, Future, Future skills, Future work, Leadership, Moderator, Society and Future, Start up and growth, The Future of Education
Digital marketing, Innovations and Growth, Inspirational leadership, Internationalization, Lean Start up - culture, Media industry change and disruption, Mergers and acquisitions, Self management, Start up and growth, Startup Way - leadership, The rupture & revenue generation models of the media industry
Attracting international talents, Diversity and inclusion in working life, Entrepreneurship pathways for young people, Host, Immigration and integration, Millennials and generation Z, Representation and inclusive marketing, The future of entrepreneurship in Finland, Webinars and online training
Creativity and Innovation, Disruptive innovation, Employee Exprerience, Innovations and Growth, Strategy
From Growth Hacking to Growth Culture, How to lead millennials in the workplace, Inclusive, participatory and transparent dialogue in the Digital Age, Nordic Leadership: trust, psychological safety, equality, and participatory culture, Shared Leadership in the Age of AI-driven Platforms and Social Media, The Art of Original Thinking and Innovation, The Bossless Upside-down Organization, The Culture of Experimentation & Agility
Architecture, Cities and urban development, Climate change and sustainability, Entrepreneurship and leadership, Future of technology and digitalization, Future work, Megatrends, Mergers and acquisitions, Solving global challenges, The Future of Education
Building collaborative culture, Leadership, Motivation, Overcoming challenges, building mental toughness and reaching excellence, Team work, Wellness
Digitalization, Future, Future skills, Future work, Society and Future
Accessibility and empathy: Towards a more inclusive business, Best practises from sports to business, Create a stronger brand with empathy, Empathy as a power tool to navigate through crisis, Empathy as a tool to connect with your customers, Empathy equals revenue, Empathy increases employee happiness, Empathy is the key for modern technology, Heart of leadership - Why todays leaders use empathy
Attitude & Courage, Goal setting, High performing teams, Motivation, Sales Excellence, Team work
Employer branding, Future of work, Modern recruitment, Personal branding, Worklife trends
AI for marketing, Artificial intelligence and technologies, Digital marketing, Entrepreneurship, Exponential technologies, Fintech, Superintelligence
Creativity and Innovation, Digitalization, Empathic Reality, Future of work, Moderator
How to be the Face of Your Business, How to Master Your Presentation, How to Present with Impact
Change Management, Host, Inspirational leadership, Motivation
Entrepreneurship, Host, Sustainability
Better life, better performance – optimize, don’t maximize, Everyday creativity, How to win the robots, Leading wellbeing, Productive remote work, The revolution at work
Goal setting, High performance, High performing teams, Host, Moderator, Team work
Customer Experience, Employee Exprerience, Leadership, Workday Experience
Attitude & Courage, Customer Experience, Digitalization, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Personal branding, Sales, Social media marketing, Social Selling, Start up and growth
Emotional Intelligence, Leadership, Resilience
Attitude & Courage, Motivation, Self management
De-Stressing Leaders- Attaining The Highest Sustainable Performance, Leadership, Maximizing Team Empathy- Connecting Unique Performance Strengths, Motivation For Productivity- How Everyday Improves Your Performance, Performance, Psychology mindset, Well-being
Diversity and inclusion in working life, From integration to inclusion, Identity and differences, Racism and privilege, Representation and inclusive marketing, Unconscious bias
Business Creativity, Business Start-Ups, Business Turnaround, Corporate Culture, Inspiration, Motivation, Risk Management, Team Building, Travel & Aviation Industry
Co-creation – what does it really mean, How create co-creative management model, How to better understand customers’ needs, How to boost innovation activities, How to co-create strategy, How to create and manage effective service processes, Service design and design thinking – how to use these for effective business development
Attitude, Balance of life, Executive Coaching, Goal setting, Mind Coach, Motivation, Positive thinking, Well-being as a competitiveness
Climate solutions and eco-storytelling, High-performing team communication and relationship building, Leadership and finding a team's common goal, Mental health, Resilience, Team Building
Beyond The Track, Championing you - mindset and confidence, Fear and Failure - our critical friends, Find your Voice - power of speaking, storytelling and presenting, Imposter syndrome, Resilience
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Cross-cultural management, Innovation through technology, Revenue management, Strategy & Leadership, Transformation & turnaround, Travel & Leisure ecosystems
Data Competences, Digital Transformation, Energy Industry, Leadership, Nuclear research, Win your fears
Executing your exponential potential, Exponential Leadership, Future of Board Governance, New Economy Leadership
Attitude & Courage, Change, Communication, Corporate Culture, Future of Organizations & Value creation, Leadership & Management Skills
A.I./Robotics, Digital Business, Digital Leadership, Digital Transformation, Future of work, Generation Z... Our Future, How Technology Disrupts Sales & Marketing, Innovation and Agile Leadership, Social Selling in a Digital Age, Survive Today, Thrive Tomorrow
Business, Convert leads into loyal customers, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Marketing strategies, Motivation, teamwork and personal development, Unlock the true potential of your brand
Attitude & Courage, Motivation, Resilience, Self-management and Self-esteem
Burnout - preventing it, surviving from it, Failure, Motivation, Positive thinking, Start-up life and entrepreneurship

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