Our owners and founders have been facilitating speaking, hosting and training engagements since 2006. Cool N Talk United Kingdom is owned by the Speakers.

Our founding partners are experienced serial entrepreneurs from various business backgrounds but the common factor of having given lectures in various countries. We have done business mostly in Scandinavia but also within a wider global network.

Cool N Talk United Kingdom is a global resource for small and large corporations, public sector institutions and governments, providing Keynote Speakers and hosts for all kinds of events. Cool N Talk’s strong team is made up of the brightest talent, with energetic, enthusiastic and empowered staff working out of both our London and Finland based offices.


Aicha Manai is very inspirational keynote speaker. Aicha’s topics are Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. She is also a very good moderator.


Take care

Taking care of the speaker/host, taking care of the event planner, and taking care of colleagues, one event at a time.

Top notch knowledge

We know the speakers and hosts, and we provide that knowledge to use for you on every event on which we collaborate.


We play a fair and open game with accurate fee ranges.


We want create a true partnership with you – from speaker selection until the final applause.

Our brand group is composed of Cool N Talk United Kingdom, Cool N Talk Finland and Puhujatori. They have done together thousands of assignments 2021-2023.