Our owners and founders have sold speakers, hosts and trainers since 2006. Cool N Talk United Kingdom is owned by the Speakers.

Founders are experienced serial entrepreneurs that have given lectures various countries. We have done business mostly in Scandinavia, but also globally.

Cool N Talk United Kingdom is a global resource for corporations and governments, providing Keynote Speakers for all kinds of events. Cool N Talk’s strong team is made up of the brightest talent, with energetic, empowered staff working out of both our London and Finland based offices.

Henri Hypponen has done over 500 inspirational lectures in 2013-2018 in the Nordics. Now Henri is aiming for UK-market. See Henri’s lecture topics.


Take care

Taking care of the speaker/host, taking care of the event planner, and taking care of colleagues, one event at a time.

Top notch knowledge

We know the speakers and hosts, and we provide that knowledge to use for you on every event on which we collaborate.


We play fair and open game with accurate fee ranges.


We want create a true partnership with you – from speaker selection until the final applause.


Since 2006 we have build a strong and professional reputation for serving our clients – Customers & Speakers. Meet the Management team that executes our 4 T’s culture.

Elisa Virtanen

Director, Customerships +358 40 1963 720

Eki Felt

CEO - Cool N Talk, Partner +358 40 5600 494



Mauri Ranta

eMBA sales coach & 22 years in Sales. Mauri have sold speakers to and hosts since 2006 to three continents. Hobbies: Digital marketing

Ilkka Lavas

Serial entrepreneur. Influencer in 30 companies. Ilkka is Digital marketing expert and start up way -leadership guru.

Mikko Heikkilä

Mikko is based in London. Mikko travels 10-15 countries annually. Mikko is an active influencer in LinkedIn

Our corporate group is composed of Cool N Talk United Kingdom, Cool N Talk Finland and Puhujatori. Corporate group do together over 500 assignments in 2021.