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We are developing the speaker business from a speaker perspective. When we know our speakers then the matchmaking will be much better.


The Best Speakers – The Best for the Speakers

You are part of our team!

Our Team consists sales professionals, digital marketing experts, serial entrepreneurs, top class assistants and speaker community. Update your presentation, set your fees and we will do marketing, sales and invoicing for you!

Dear Customer, We serve you from need to final applause in six simple steps:

1) Need

You tell us exactly what you are looking for. We know the right questions.

2) Understanding

Understanding your needs will ensure that you get the right speaker for your audience.

3) Selection & guidance

Based on your expectations and budget, we look for the best speaker option.

4) Confirmation

All parties get confirmation based on our speaker business terms and conditions - ensuring worry-free engagements.

5) Briefing

We build the bridge between you, your audience and the speaker.

6) Event day performance

The motivated & briefed speaker performs at your event.

Why should I use Cool N Talk UK experts?


We have global network of speakers, but majority comes from Scandinavia.

Get fresh keynote speaker ideas!


  • We have done over 5500 assignments that gives us the knowledge how to be fast, innovative and serving speaker agency.
  • Low commissions – we are owned by the speakers.
  • We do business very openly and transparent way and we have accurate free ranges.